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Olivia Trummer Solo

Olivia Trummer has been described as an excellent jazz pianist, an extraordinary vocalist, a born improviser, an outstanding songwriter and a composer of fresh jazz tunes. It might sound like many individual roles (tasks?) that have to be performed alternately. But Olivia combines them all at once when she is on stage.

She dives into her world of positive sounds as soon as she touches the keys. Moving like tiny dancers on the piano her fingers translate Olivia's emotions into music with surprising ease. Fearlessly, she blends her crystal clear voice into sophisticated harmonic textures. When interpreting her own songs or jazz standards, Olivia always finds a new and inspired way of playing them. Her interpretations will never sound the same twice which makes each performance a unique experience for both the audience and for herself.

Imitation of others was never her style. She trusts enough in her own musicianship to not shy away from taking musical risks. Her encounter and subsequent duet with Bobby McFerrin at "Festspielhaus" in Baden-Baden in 2011 gave a good example of how Olivia's musical spontaneity on stage is ravishing an audience and leading to standing ovations. Olivia does not try to impress an audience with pacey scales or lazy jazz clich├ęs. She represents more a storyteller than a virtuoso and masters the art of revealing much with only a few notes.

Olivia's solo concerts will often reflect a rich mixture of classical music and jazz which is a sophisticated delight. Being classically trained, the pianist widens the spectrum of her performances by presenting her jazz arrangements of works by J.S.Bach or W.A.Mozart. In her own compositions, Olivia creates a poetic universe and unfolds her philosophical, reflective mind. Particularly in her original songs she manages to maintain the unconventionality of a thoroughbred jazz musician while at the same time revealing a sensibility for pop music and singer/songwriter elements.

Olivia's style is highly original and appeals to music lovers all over the globe. She is a one-of-a-kind artist and already claimed to have the potential to become a star.